MAG:LATCH is the leash to collar and harness connection re-imagined. MAG:LATCH comes together in milliseconds thanks to the magnetically enhanced latch buckle and releases just as quickly with a pull of the release tab. You may be asking yourself, how can a magnet hold my dog? Well, the magnet only activates the leash and collar/harness connection. It is actually the aerospace grade hot forged aluminum buckle that secures the MAG:LATCH connection*. MAG:LATCH has been rigorously tested in various conditions and when used as instructed can handle all of those "squirrel" moments with Fido on walks and runs.

*The Safety Slider must be engaged at all times when the MAG:LATCH is in use

**The MAG:LATCH system is only compatible with MAGDOG products.

MAG:LATCH Safety Slider

We love our dogs, and as such we've added extra safety features while your pet is on leash. The Safety Slider is simple to engage and is required when using the leash with the collar and harness. The Safety Slider has been engineered to be quickly and easily slid down over the activated MAG:LATCH connection. When you are ready to disconnect, simply pull the Safety Slider off of the MAG:LATCH connection and pull the red release tab.


Argos is engineered for the wild. Don't be fooled by the soft feel. Argos is insanely durable due to its high abrasion and puncture resistance. This isn't your average nylon collar and harness material. Argos is composed of super strong 840D Nylon and then coated with a special TPU coating allowing dirt and odor causing bacteria wipe right off.


You can never have too many ways of getting your dog back in the event they are lost. If your dog is ever found with missing or outdated tags, MAG:ID is there to help. Every MAGDOG collar and harness have a unique identification tag, MAG:ID, built into them. By registering the MAG:ID online with your contact information, if someone finds your dog they can visit, and enter the collar or harness' unique MAG:ID. Once they give the MAG:ID system their contact information, the MAG:ID system will notify you based on the contact information you have provided. For more information, visit our MAG:ID page.